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3 Music Improvisation Techniques to Improve Your Solos

Improvisation is the musical equivalent of having a conversation. It’s therefore fundamental to being able to truly understand and play music at its best. However, for many of us, improvisation can be a very challenging and can often feel like stepping into a conversation that we understand almost nothing about. However, if you jump in […]

3 Ways Music Theory Can Help You Write a Great Chorus

Writing a great chorus that sticks in your ear and makes you want to sing is a real challenge. It can often seem that finding the right melody, the right chords, the right arrangement, or whatever other parts amounts to pure inspirational magic. But there are real, concrete things you can do to improve your […]

3 Times Breaking Music Theory Rules Worked SO Well

At first glance, it can feel like music theory is full of “rules.” Pick up any good theory textbook and you will find detailed descriptions of how to name, construct, and analyze scales, intervals, harmonies, chord progressions, compositional forms, and a lot more that can make any creative person’s eyes glaze over. These descriptions are […]

3 Things Every Session Musician Needs to Know

There are many things that make a great session musician: a great attitude, quality gear, great tone, musicality, creative ideas and being reliable and early to sessions. For this post, however, I want to focus on three really important concepts related to music theory and composition. A deep understanding and appreciation of these concepts can […]

3 Music Theory Tips That Will Improve Your Mix

So your band is finally in the studio. You’ve been working hard in rehearsals to create great songs and you know that your lyrics and melodies are strong. You finish your last rehearsal and feel like your band has a huge sound. You show up, set everything up, record your first song, listen back to […]