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3 Steps to Improve Your Musical Ear

Perhaps you can relate to the following situation: You’ve been working really hard to learn or write a new song. It’s taken many hours and lots of frustration and patience to work out what the right chords are. After putting all this work in, you go to rehearsal with a talented friend or colleague of […]

Discover the Music Theory Secrets You Missed as a Kid

Music theory is wonderful, exciting, and enormously useful. But for many musicians who received any kind of music theory education growing up, the experience is usually exactly the opposite. Music theory classes can feel one step removed from strict math classes where the concepts never really seem to apply to “real life.”  But have no fear […]

3 Hit Songwriting Techniques (That are Actually Music Theory)

Understanding the Songwriting Techniques Behind Hit Songs Songwriting is often simultaneously one of the most magical and frustrating parts of being a musician. Sometimes, the best songs seem to appear in our heads without prompting and demand to be written down before they disappear, while other times great songs take forever to finish and are […]

The Power of Limitation in Songwriting

We have all looked with great trepidation into the proverbial blank canvas of songwriting, arranging, and/or composition from time to time. Sitting in front of a blank page, anything is possible – but with no lyric written and no notes played, it’s easy to just feel lost. If we could just find the right line […]

3 Music Theory Tips That Will Improve Your Mix

So your band is finally in the studio. You’ve been working hard in rehearsals to create great songs and you know that your lyrics and melodies are strong. You finish your last rehearsal and feel like your band has a huge sound. You show up, set everything up, record your first song, listen back to […]

3 Music Improvisation Techniques to Improve Your Solos

Improvisation is the musical equivalent of having a conversation. It’s therefore fundamental to being able to truly understand and play music at its best. However, for many of us, improvisation can be a very challenging and can often feel like stepping into a conversation that we understand almost nothing about. However, if you jump in […]