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Expand Your Repertoire

Expand Your Repertoire So here you are again. Sitting with your instrument trying to learn or create another song – but the process is taking forever! Every new song you learn or write feels like starting from square one with a totally blank slate. What can you do? Well as it turns out, theory can […]

Get the Music out of your Head and onto Paper

Get the music out of your head and onto paper We all have found ourselves hearing something in our head that sounds so fantastic that we have to play it and get it down on paper. However, once we find ourselves there, the next step of actually writing down what we are hearing often becomes […]

Break Out of Your Old Habits

Break Out of Your Old Habits One of the greatest challenges any musician faces is the plateau. We all know what it is like. You finally start regularly practicing, you make some strong progress with a few things that you always wanted to learn, and then all of a sudden…you stop improving. Every time you […]

How to Jam with Anybody

How to Jam With Anybody Trust Your Ear  One of the hardest barriers to jumping in and playing with other people is the perception that there is a “right” and a “wrong” way to play music. This perception has come from a lot of places, but it is often very misleading. Some of the most […]

My electric toothbrush hums middle C

Want to get the music out of your head and into the world? The best way to do that is to pay attention to the sounds around you. Here are some habits that you might want to develop to become a better musician. Stop guessing what the chords might be Instead, learn about keys and harmonic function. […]

3 Practice Tricks To Become a Better Musician

The Quest to Become a Better Musician We all want to improve as musicians, but it can be hard to identify clear ways to improve. Just starting to practice on a regular basis can help you enormously, but it can also be a real challenge. Many times it’s hard to decide what to practice when […]