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Hit Music Theory is the key to unlocking your understanding of music. This 10 module online course will help you translate the sounds you hear in your head into music you can play. Get on equal footing with the best musicians. Once you complete the course you will have the tools and knowledge to hang with anybody musically – without missing a beat.

hit music theory

In Hit Music Theory we will dissect some of the biggest songs ever – music that you listen to every day like rock, country, pop, punk, EDM, blues and metal and show you why they work and what they are made of. We break the songs down, look inside, and then reconstruct them as cover tunes that you can then use in your live shows and to build an audience online.

hit music theory

Maybe you never learned music theory as a kid or dropped out of the class because it was so frickin boring or difficult to learn. Now there is an online training program designed for adults where you’ll learn music theory step-by-step through the process of creating cover versions of some major hits called Hit Music Theory. 

hit music theory

You’ll understand how you can use music theory as a creative tool by building upon your existing knowledge. See how understanding the language of music will help you in your songwriting and performing. Break out of your old habits and patterns and learn to create fresh arrangements by understanding exactly how music works.

The Songs Behind Hit Music Theory

message in a bottle the police
Higher Ground Stevie Wonder
hips don't lie shakira
stay rihanna
uptown funk mark ronson
valerie amy winehouse
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
99 problems jay z
titanium david guetta
Get Lucky Daft Punk

Is Hit Music Theory Right for Me?

By creating awesome and unique covers of some of the most popular songs with Hit Music Theory you will learn the language of music and build your confidence as an artist. Save time when learning new songs and writing your own, get the music out of your head and into forms that you can use, and better communicate your creative vision to bandmates and producers.

Understand why things work, break out of your old habits, and expand your horizons. Discover the theory secrets you might have missed as a kid and grow your repertoire at the same time.

Plus, you’ll learn how to put the covers you create to good use as you improve your live performances, expand your audience, and grow your fanbase.

12 reasons to check out Hit Music Theory right now!

  • Build your confidence as a musician
  • Save time when writing and learning new songs
  • Get the music out of your head and onto paper
  • Break out of your old habits
  • Be able to jam with anybody
  • Understand why great songs work
  • Discover the theory secrets you missed as a kid
  • Expand your repertoire
  • Become a better songwriter
  • Improve your live performances and jams
  • Expand your audience and grow your fanbase

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What People Say About Hit Music Theory

“I wish I had this when I was 19! What a great way to learn about theory, harmony and marketing without losing sight of the important connection to the music you love. I’ve been able to unlock some songwriting secrets that had eluded me for years.”


“Thank you very much for this AMAZING COURSE. Thank You !:)”


“I’ve had some exposure to theory but I now find myself with a an understanding that connects all the parts to each other and to my concepts of what I want to hear in my music. The course gets stronger as it goes along.”


“There’s a lot of value for the money. For example, just with the very first idea that Daniel elaborated on, an entire new world of music making and songwriting opened up for me. Amazing!.”


“Using familiar songs to introduce the theory made it a lot more appealing and I got super excited about a few of them, like Stay !!) What a motivating way to get into theory.”


“Thank you guys for such an amazing class!!!”


“I finished up the course last night, and I can’t wait to see the expression on my accompanist’s face when, instead of making him try things until I like them – I tell him what I want, beat by beat. Thank’s Daniel for the enlightenment.”


“Awesome. Packed with so much usable info. Rock on!”


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