Submission Guidelines

We are always willing to give a new band a listen. After all, that’s what we do!

However, we get quite a few submissions and will try to get to them in a timely fashion. Please also remember that we will be true to our job and reserve the right to say if we do not like a particular album/song/band.

All submissions must come through now. Log in there (it’s free) and select Hit Music Theory as one of the locations to send your music. There is a premium option there, but we can still hear your music with the free submission option.

**We are no longer accepting submissions via email or Facebook inbox.

Good news!  We are once again able to accept physical submissions.  Please send vinyl, CDs, merch, and swag to:

Hit Music Theory
1185 Front Street
Memphis, MI 48041

*Please note, due to outstanding costs, we cannot return physical submissions.  Please note that if we do not feature your submission, we will donate it.  We will not sell your work to generate profits for ourselves.