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Do you know the “language of music”?

Well that is the #1 thing that separates great musicians from good ones. See what it’s all about in this short video >> click to play

HIT MUSIC THEORY will help you write better songs, play better shows, sound better and feel better about YOUR music.

It is unlike any other music theory course you have ever seen. You’ll learn music theory fast and easy by seeing how the concepts are used in HIT SONGS so that you can easily understand them.

If you missed music theory as a kid or need a quick refresher course – this program will put you on equal footing with the best musicians.

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Online Community
Hit Music Notation Primer
10 Music Business Lessons

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hit music theory

“I wish I had this when I was 19! What a great way to learn theory, harmony and marketing without losing sight of the important connection to the music you love. I’ve been able to unlock songwriting secrets that have eluded me for years.”


“Thank you very much for this AMAZING COURSE. Thank You !:)”


“I’ve had some exposure to theory but I now find myself with a an understanding that connects all the parts to each other and to my concepts of what I want to hear in my music. The course gets stronger as it goes along.”


“Using familiar songs to introduce the theory made it a lot more appealing and I got super excited about a few of them, like Stay !!) What a motivating way to get into theory.”


“I finished up the course last night, and I can’t wait to see the expression on my accompanist’s face when, instead of making him try things until I like them – I tell him what I want, beat by beat. Thank’s Daniel for the enlightenment.”


Hit Music Theory

  • Translate the Sounds in Your Head

  • Quickly Learn Music Theory

  • Learn to Read and Write Music

  • See the Theory Behind 10 Hit Songs

  • 10 Interactive Learning Modules

  • Go at Your Own Pace

  • Includes Lifetime Access

See Inside the Course

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What our members say…

In all my life I never knew that music could be broken down in such a simple and unique format. It is a life changing class. Thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the good work


“There’s a lot of value for the money. For example, just with the very first idea that Daniel elaborated on, an entire new world of music making and songwriting opened up for me. Amazing!.”


Your Instructors

Dave Kusek

Dave Kusek

I’m Dave Kusek the founder of Berklee Online and New Artist Model. I’ve been working with tens of thousands of musicians around the world across every genre imaginable and in many different markets. I also one of the people who brought you MIDI and am the co-author of the best selling Future of Music book.

The language of music is universal and connects people on so many different levels and across cultures.

I’ve been working to reinvent the way music theory is taught since teaching at Berklee College of Music for 14 years. We know that very best way to learn music is to apply what you are learning right away in your songs and your shows. So we developed a fun way to learn music theory by looking at popular music and finding the teachable patterns that make up the hits.

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Roberts

My partner in this course is the incredible teacher and guitarist Daniel Roberts. Daniel is one of those musicians that can literally just pick up and play anything in any style – and a lot of that is because he took the time to learn music theory inside and out. He’s produced, composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, and mastered many music projects through his own record label, Ivystone Records.

On top of that, Daniel’s has been teaching music theory to thousands of students and he knows how to help you connect the dots.

Daniel’s radical approach makes understanding theory easy and something that you can immediately apply to your music. You’ll learn the concepts behind music theory step-by-step and then focus on actually using those concepts in your own songwriting, playing, and performing.

Why Signup for this?

  • Learn the Language of Music via Hit Songs
  • Build your confidence as a musician
  • Save time when writing and learning new songs
  • Get the music out of your head and into a form you can use
  • Discover the theory secrets you missed as a kid
  • Understand why great songs work
  • Improve your live performances and jams
  • Expand your audience and grow your fanbase
  • Expand your repertoire
  • Break out of your old habits
  • Be able to jam with anybody
  • Become a better songwriter
  • Learn From the Best

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Includes these BONUSES!

Online Community
Hit Music Notation Primer
10 Music Business Lessons

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hit music theory


Do You Understand How Music Works?

As a musician, singer, songwriter or DJ, you’re out there making incredible music and hopefully sharing it with the world.

But let me ask you something – do you always understand what you’re playing and why it works? Maybe you’re jamming along and get an awesome groove going or a chord progression that creates tension and helps you build up to the chorus. Or a certain high note that really pops out to bring attention.

But do you really know how to recreate that feeling in any song or in any key?

Do You Know Why It Sounds Good?

When you hear a great song, do know why it sounds so good? Or how the writer and arranger were able to create that feeling?

That’s the power when you learn music theory – understanding the language of music so you can get your ideas out of your head, translate them into something you can communicate to other musicians, finish your arrangements and create a totally unique sound that really conveys the emotion behind your music.

Know how to start and finish your songs and make your productivity go through the roof!

The Reason for Hit Music Theory

We put this incredible program together for you – to help you create better, play better, jam better – do what you do better. So many musicians have learned to play songs without having a true understanding of what is going on in the music itself. You become a better musician when you learn music theory, and this course gives you an easy and fun way to do just that.

Did You Miss Out as a Kid?

Maybe you never learned music theory as a kid or never learned to read or write music, so you play by ear and by watching others.  But if you’ve ever felt a little inferior or left behind by other musicians because you just don’t have that foundational knowledge of music, Hit Music Theory will give you the confidence to play or write with anyone.

It’s Freeing

Understanding music theory is one of the most freeing things you can do as a musician. You’ll be able to look at your favorite songs and know what it is that makes them sound so good. And you know what? You can use that knowledge in your own songwriting too.

Walk Into Any Room

You’ll be able to go into a room with any other musicians and understand what they’re doing creatively and join the conversation. When you go into the studio you’ll be able to talk with the producer and other musicians and get your ideas across and clearly understand their ideas as well.

Not Your Mom’s Theory Class

Contrary to popular belief, music theory isn’t some arcane process or a box that restricts your creativity. It’s actually quite the opposite. Learning the language of music will unlock so many doors for you.

This isn’t like any other music theory course you’ve ever seen. We’re not going to show you theory with ancient scores and meaningless examples. That’s not the kind of music you play and it’s not how you should learn. Instead you are going to learn music theory by seeing what makes the hit songs tick.

Learn the Theory Behind the Hits

You’ll learn the theory behind the hits – the language of music including rhythm, melody, harmony, form, groove, tone, arrangement, notation and more.  

That’s why we call it Hit Music Theory

We’ll dissect some of the biggest songs ever and show you why they work and how they are made. We’re going to break them down, look inside and then reconstruct them as cover tunes that you can then use in your live shows and on YouTube and Soundcloud. And along the way you are going to learn music theory and the language of music and put yourself in a position to thrive.

What You’ll Learn

In the course you will learn all the concepts required for a thorough understanding of modern music theory including Notation, Rhythm, Subdivision, Melody, Harmony, Scales, Intervals, Key Signatures, Nashville Numbering, Chords, Major, Minor, Perfect, Diminished, Augmented, Diatonic Harmony, Phrasing, Chord Function, Chromaticism, Relative Minor, Modes, Triplets, Pentatonic, Diatonic, Harmonic Sequence, Motivic Sequence, Interval Quality, Building, Creating Tension, Voice Leading, Inversions, Open Voicing, Arpeggios, Contrary Motion, Parallel Motion and much more.

Create cover songs for Youtube and your live sets

Cover songs are a great way to learn music and definitely have their place in an artist’s repertoire. In this program, you’ll learn how to create your own unique covers of some really popular songs. We’ll show you how to use the covers you create to engage and connect with fans and pay homage to the artists who inspired us to become musicians in the first place. Covers can also provide a path to your future, both in your understanding of music, and how you relate to an audience. We will show you how to use cover songs to build your fanbase both online and at your live shows.

Quickly Learn the Language of Music Through Hit Songs

The Songs Behind Hit Music Theory

This online course will help you write better songs, play better shows, sound better and feel better about your music.

You don‘t need to travel to a classroom and you don’t have to worry about what kind of music you do.

PLUS, you’ll get access to the Indie Artist Network, a private community of thousands professional musicians, songwriters and producers from around the world. Post your questions and comments about the challenges of studying music theory and get help from other people like you. Post your covers online, get feedback from other musicians and learn music theory together.

Hit Music Theory will get you started understanding the way music works very quickly. With a traditional music theory course taught in a brick and mortar school you have to travel to the classroom and work around the teacher’s schedule. Your course meets only so many times and if you don’t make all the sessions or understand the material right away, you’re out of luck.

With Lifetime Access to Hit Music Theory, the teachers come to you. You can complete lessons on your schedule in the comfort of your home or studio and learn music theory. Lessons don’t lapse or expire. Study at your own pace and come back to us again and again. The course and community are designed to be there for you over the long haul as you create your life in music.

We’ll also give you tips on how you can take the cover songs you create in the course and use them in your live shows and on YouTube and Soundcloud. We’ll show you how to use them to grow your fanbase and avoid licensing hassles.

Contest Winners

Our winners  for the Hit Music Theory drawing are:

Melina Jones

Nina Helene Hirten

Rich Lyga

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for participating and leaving us a comment on the videos!